RPD Press Release

From: JP Harrison (jharrison@3de.net)
Date: Sat May 18 2002 - 00:56:32 EEST

RPD Release

Rapid Product Distribution(RPD) wishes to inform the RP Industry that we no
longer represent RPC Resins in the United States. Over one year ago a
relationship was forged between these two cutting edge companies to
invigorate and expand the use and acceptance of the RPC line throughout the
industry and service market.

In a very competitive marketplace, those efforts were successful in the
placement of RPC Resins in many locations from coast to coast. However,
success brings opportunity and the RPC line was purchased by 3D Systems to
be merchandised directly by their sales force under the name, Accura Solid
Imaging Materials.

Innovation and opportunity are the words to best describe Rapid Product
Distribution and our vision of the future.
We know the business and we’re active participants in the industry.

Look to us for new and exciting innovations!

Charles L. Koch
National Sales Manager
Rapid Product Distribution, INC.
2991 N. Powerline Rd.
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Web Site-www.rapidresin.com

For more information about the rp-ml, see http://rapid.lpt.fi/rp-ml/

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