a LOM problem

From: reza moini (rmoini190@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat May 18 2002 - 07:28:51 EEST

Dear members
I meet a problem with my LOM machine and I wish you
can help me.
After some faults in PC of my LOM machine,I tried to
change whole of PC and replacing both of Boards of
original PC into new one.
After installing Windows and LOMSlice,and running
machine,We found that it can not match with GALIL
board.When connecting to machine,these error messages
will appear : "Could not reset GALIL board" and after
it we see "Cold not connect to motors".
We can work with menus and plotter and rollers of
paper works but platform and heater don't move.
when we press keys to moving platform and heater , we
see this error message: "could not update SP,AC, and
DC".and when maching tring to do these functions , the
LED on the GALIL board turn on red color and then the
error messages will appear.

I hope that you know my problem and have a solution
for me.I am waiting for good news from you

Thanks in advance.


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