RE: MGX and SFX file formats

Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 12:59:44 EEST

Dear list,

Some explanation about the MGX-format and the Materialise software that uses

The MGX-format
- Compresses STL-files 10 to 20 times (depending of the triangulation).
- Can group multiple STL-files in one MGX-file.
- Can include a password to protect the STL-files inside.

Magics communicator can read and write MGX-files of imported files (However
no STL export).

Magics RP can read and write MGX-files (and save the parts as STL-files)

STLZip 2.0 is a small utility like Winzip that offers free compression from
STL to MGX (So you can send a compressed file to your RP-bureau if he has
Magics RP)
There's a payable module in STLzip that offers
- Unzipping of MGX-files to STL
- Create self-extracting archives, so the person to who you send the file
does not needs Magics.

STLZip 2 also offers so-called API-functionalities. These are routines that
can be used by external programs. This offers the possibility to
non-Materialise programs to integrate the MGX-format using the program
STLZip 2 in the background.

STLZip 2 can be downloaded freely at

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Pieter Bourgaux

Application engineer

Tel +32 16 39 66 66
Fax +32 16 39 66 00

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Subject: MGX and SFX file formats

Dear List,

I am evaluating Materialise's Magics RP and SolidConcepts' SolidView Pro. I
see that both these softwares have some proprietry file format of their own.

Materialise has something called MGX and SolidConcepts has SFX. From what I
have read in their help systems, I get the impression that they have
attempted to replace the STL file format in some way. I may be totally wrong

in thinking this way. If any of you know why these file formats were
introduced, I would like to hear about it. I would also like to know if
service bureaus accept these file formats.

Are there any other file formats like these and how well are they accepted?


Deelip Menezes

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