RE: Truth and Justice

From: John Walmsley (
Date: Wed May 22 2002 - 04:45:58 EEST

Truth on the Beach,
or, "Don't you hate it when the sand gets in it? I
personnaly detest Sandy Resin".

As in, "Wait, Wait, Don't tell Me", courtesy Public

Might the Right Reverand Al, (ie,) do the courtesy of admitting
where he acquired "His" imaging machines? "Class, can
you say, "SOMOS"?

Never mind, I could be wrong, and all this is the
product of a 61 year old doddering technician.

(And if you believe that, I not only have a bridge for
you to buy, but an aBRIDGED version of the court of
Truth, Verity, Justice, and the Holy Church of the
Presumptuous Asumtion.")

Mr. Young, to paraphrase his Hemhorriod analogy, might
be likened to his son on Acid, who he believes,
without question, because he shares his experience.

Albert, give it up. Even if you're correct, you ain't

PS God only knows how he handles traffic tickets!!


--- wrote:
> Al,
> Yes by all means let the entire community know when
> and where! I for one
> would love to come and pass out a copy of the MANY
> emails that you have been
> sending me over the years like the one I received
> this morning. I think
> that it would give all concerned a valuable insight
> to your character. I'd
> also like to give the date and place to those that
> you still owe deposits
> to, those that had their day in court and your
> continuing efforts to ignore
> that court ruling! What about truth and justice for
> them? Oh, wait I
> understand its only truth and justice when it falls
> in YOUR favor!
> Karl R. Denton
> Lead Engineer
> RP and Casting Operations
> Williams International
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> From: Marshall Burns []
> Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2002 12:12 PM
> To: albert young;
> Subject: Re: Truth and Justice
> Hi Al,
> Glad to see you'll be getting your "day in
> court." Please send me the
> location and schedule of the trial so I can see if I
> will be able to attend
> part of the proceedings.
> Best regards,
> Marshall Burns
> President, Ennex Corporation
> <>
> Los Angeles, USA, (310) 397-1314
> <>
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> From: albert young <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Monday, May 20, 2002 19:19
> Subject: Truth and Justice
> All are invited to the trial in LA September 10th
> that 3d has delayed for
> four years against AAROFLEX, Inc. A celebration of
> truth and justice will
> be enjoyed each evening on the beach for all who
> come to support a free and
> competitive market in stereolithography. 3d has
> lost in six motions against
> AAROFLEX and will surely lose in a court of truth
> and justice. Come and
> support a fair market without constraints created by
> falsehoods and lies.
> Albert C. Young, Jr.

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