SLA 500 tolerances problem !! I need a clue...

From: Rafael Santillan (
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 20:48:19 EEST

hi listers.
I need your help ... again.

we just built a large part 18in long in a SLA 500, since the size is longer
than the base we built it diagonally to fit in to the machine envelope.

te parts is with good finishing but the of the dimensions "length" came out to
be 0.0768in longer than the actual dimension we have on the STL file.!!

any clue why the tolerances change from 0.009inches we had on the other
dimensions of the part to 0.0768inches on the lenght ??

I need to give some explanations to my client who is quite upset.

Is it normal ? and if so what tolerance should I offer to a client for a so
long part ?

any feedback will be very appreciated.

as usually trully yours

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