Re: Moulding narrow channel section in SL tooling

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Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 07:31:49 EEST

You can probably look at epoxy/composite tooling studies and have a better
fell for what you are dealing with. The insulating situation that you are
describing is very similar with epoxy tooling.

Additionally, the flow in these channels will be affected by the material
characteristics, by gating and venting in the tool, and by other design
aspects of the tool.

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Subject: Moulding narrow channel section in SL tooling

>Dear List,
>Have any of you had experience with moulding narrow channel sections in SL
>tooling. We are moulding thin walled sections and with narrow channels of
>0.3mm width with depths of approximatley 0.1mm. We are hoping that the
>insulating properties of the sl resins will allow for better material
>penetration with lower pressures and temperatures than metal tooling. We
>may run some test pieces but I wanted to check if anyone has any experience
>already or information on what we could expect.
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