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Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 18:32:45 EEST

My 10 cents...

You won't find me complaining about Z Corp service contracts. Nothing but
first class support from them. The last repair (yes the machine has had
some) was at the component level and no charge for parts or anything. Very
interested in our issues and willing to send people our way when necessary.
Maybe it helps that we are only 10 minutes from Vail, CO!



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At 11:39 AM 5/30/2002 -0400, Bruce E. LeMaster wrote:
>I think you missed the underlying anger in Bruce O.'s message about his
>machines being down. What do you do when your lively hood is essentially
>held hostage by the manufacturer of your equipment?

I am not sure many of you will remember a few short years ago when I was so
angry about vendors. However the ones who accused me of not liking or
loving the technology will remember... I was any to the point that I pulled
the plug on my SLA 250 because of poor maintenance issues. My lab spent
well over 50k to the vendor with no results.

I think Terry and this group should track down time of systems and tell the
real story of maintenance contracts versus real delivery. I documented
build failures to prove how much poor maintenance and FEs can cost a

Bruce O, It was not your fault and I would expect some compensation from
the vendor for your downtime.


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