Job Opportunity in the beautiful San Fernando valley.

Date: Tue Jun 04 2002 - 02:05:39 EEST

I've tried recruiting from the 3D CGI boards to no avail. Maybe I'm looking
in the wrong place. If anyone knows a good candidate or a better place to
search let me know.

Gentle Giant is a provider of toy design and engineering as well 3D visual
effects data for movie studios. We are looking for 3D technicians who can
process anything from sketches to 3D scan data into clean solid models in
Pro/E or surface models in Alias software. The ideal candidate should know
how to prep for one of our 5 rp machines (TJ, Viper, etc.) but should also be
willing to grab a $100K Lidar scanner and scan anything from a sculpture to a
747 and be able to take the resulting data reverse engineer a clean cad model
for use as a toy tooling pattern or for FX in one of the latest movies.
(Don't laugh...we do it pretty routinely.)

We specialize in "on-model" licensed product data. Some recent projects
include on-set data aquisition and 3D modeling for Spider-Man, Star Wars,
Harry Potter, and so on. Our toy clients include Hasbro, Mattel, Jakks,
McFarlane, etc.

If any RP'rs are interested or know of someone, please send me a reply.

Steve Chapman

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