EU Network of excellence in RP in Biomedical applications

From: Chris Sutcliffe (
Date: Tue Jun 04 2002 - 14:10:33 EEST

Dear List

I have been asked at short notice to put together an EU proposal for a
network to take advantage of the application of RP in biomedical
applications. We are in particular interested in talking to researchers and
companies working in the following areas

Use of RP generally in the biomedical area
Use of RP for the direct production of implants and tissue engineered
Design and development of novel RP techniques for the manufacture of these
Design of the structures themselves
Methods for cell culture, seeding and in structure proliferation
Design of bioreactors
Biological performance monitoring and control
Design for implantation
Implantation techniques

It should be noted that any of these areas can be renamed expanded or
deleted at the moment but it should also be noted that the deadline for the
expression of interest is looming large (Wednesday afternoon!). If any
interested party receives the mail late don't despair! we are only at the
expression of interest stage so you haven't missed the boat.

Finally may I congratulate the team at Freiburg for an excellent workshop
last Friday.

Documents on networks of excellence can be found at

Interested parties please reply to me ASAP

Best regards


Dr. Chris Sutcliffe

Rapid, Micro and Bio Manufacturing Research
The University of Liverpool
Department of Engineering
Ashton Building
Brownlow Hill
L69 3GL

Tel. (0151) 794 4316
Fax. (0151) 794 4675
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