Worldwide Guide to RP Web Site Update

Date: Wed Jun 05 2002 - 16:38:55 EEST

Good Morning:

A major new section is available on the Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping
Web site:

*** RP's Frequently Asked Questions.
This new section has been written to quickly answer very basic questions
about RP. Both engineering and non-technical readers can find out how - and
if - rapid prototyping will benefit them. There’s an extensive discussion
about the advantages and limitations of RP, and technologies are compared
using a wide range of examples. In addition, application rules of thumb are
presented for: concept modeling, functional testing, metal tooling and parts;
injection molds, direct manufacturing, medicine and dentistry, art,
architecture, and industrial design and scientific applications.

The introductory material in this section is linked to deep sources of
information on the site, and is illustrated with more than seventy
photographs contributed by numerous commercial and academic organizations and
individuals. The illustrations demonstrate a surprisingly wide range of RP
activities and more will be added soon to complete the section. We are very
grateful to all those who were so generous.

In addition, several other sections of the Worldwide Guide to Rapid
Prototyping web site have been updated over the last few weeks:

*** The RP Reader's Digest.
A compendium of articles drawn from the trade and popular press available on
the Internet concerning rapid prototyping or closely related technologies.
This section now has links to, and brief summaries of, more than 85 recent
articles selected to provide a wide breadth and depth of knowledge on all
facets of the technology and its applications.

*** The Rapid Prototyping Industry Overview section has been updated to
reflect numerous major changes that have occurred in the last few months.
More listings have been added to the Worldwide Service Bureau Directory.
There are now nearly 600 - and actually many more if listed university
service providers are included. The Compleat Rapid Prototyping Mailing List
Archive has every posting to the RPML, and has been updated through 5/8/02.
Almost 19,000 (yes - nineteen thousand) pages are available for downloading.


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