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Hmmmm interesting one how the heck does 3D systems manage to sell the
thermojet if this is the case? or similarly how do the makers of dye
sublimation printers manage to put one colour on top of another to create
colour printout then........guess the rep was talking about stuff he didn't many times have we herd that!

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>Then again, you might also find a huge lawsuit.
>Personally, I wish for a machine with a 1-meter square bed, with
>printheads that emit drops 1/16" in diameter. But, as the Solidscape
>rep who did my install explained it to me, "any time you put one drop
>of wax on top of another, we own it." Truth? I'd have to hire a
>lawyer to find out.

That's a lot of bees they have to sue....................


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