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From: Markus Hitter (
Date: Sat Jun 08 2002 - 00:52:04 EEST

Am Freitag den, 7. Juni 2002, um 20:45, schrieb Bathsheba Grossman:

> IANAL, but it's not clear to me why the status of a homemade machine
> would be different from any other kind of machines.

First, because there is no interest in selling or giving away
the machine(s) its self. It's just an interest in using them and
perhaps without the intention to sell the products made with it.
I asked, because I was unsure where exactly patents apply. To my
knowledge, patents apply only to direct commercial interests but
I might be wrong as well.

Second, because if there is a commercial machine available,
there is few reason to build a own one. Home made machines make
sense in special cases, only. A home built machine is always
more expensive in terms of time, work and probably money and
won't intersect much with the patent holder's business.

Markus Hitter

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