Re: homemade inkjet printer head

Date: Sat Jun 08 2002 - 02:16:21 EEST

The mere act of filing does not protect you. Royalties and damages accrue
only after the patent issues. Placing patent pending on manufactured items
is only a warning and notice that if and when a patent issues, any potential
infringers will be forced to pay royalties if they want to continue to market
their products.

Constructive reduction to practice occurs when you file the patent. It is
possible however to argue that a patent holder has not diligently pursued the
commercial application of the invention for the public good, but it has not
been a successful argument in the USA in most cases, lately, and the burden
of proof is on the bringer of the suit. Canada and many other countries
require commercialization within 5 years.

Scott Taper

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