RE: homemade inkjet printer head

From: Lamar Davidge (
Date: Sat Jun 08 2002 - 05:00:24 EEST

    Are you guys serious? You are spending a lot of time discussing the
POSSIBLE implications of building a homemade RP system. Let's ignore the
near impossibility of an individual coming up with a good high quality RP
system. Honestly, even the very best RP system still has problems holding
part tolerances within .01" over 10".
    How many customers didn't get a reply to an email because of this
thread? How many quotes were put off till monday because it was more
interesting to reply to the patent issues, and copyright possibilities?
-end of rant-
-now for me to BS also :) -
    Does Ford Motor Company go after aftermarket parts retailers? As I
understand it when a company places an order for a RP part, you agree to
sell them the final product, they own it you don't. Or did you agree to
allow them the use of the part you created? Don't they own the original


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