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Date: Sat Jun 08 2002 - 03:48:10 EEST

At 07:00 PM 06/07/2002, Lamar Davidge wrote:
>... As I
>understand it when a company places an order for a RP part, you agree to
>sell them the final product, they own it you don't. Or did you agree to
>allow them the use of the part you created? Don't they own the original

The answer to these questions may be unclear or unsatisfactory unless the
contract specifically addresses these issues.

If you pay someone hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop custom
software to your specs, you own a copy of the software, but THEY, not you,
own the copyright, the source code and the right to sell, copy and create
derivative works - EVEN if you designed the algorithm - UNLESS you have a
written contract with them that specifies otherwise (a work for hire
agreement). It's easy to get burned.

If you buy a work of art for hundreds of thousands of dollars, the ARTIST,
not you, continues to own the copyright, unless the sales agreement says
otherwise. He or she gets to license the creation of postcards of the
work, and he/she gets the royalties.

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