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Swiftool may be a solution for you. If the undercuts are small and fiddly we'll get them spark eroded / CNC machined as steel inserts, which for 50 off can be hand loaded no problem. As with all indirect tooling processes, accuracy is most dependent on that of the master pattern (usually SLA, although we can also use SLS and FDM masters). If you have an STL file please send it to me with a note of the material required and your target delivery and we'll be happy to review and quote it for you.



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Hi All,

I'm looking for a source that uses epoxy tooling (or other types of tooling) for injection molding. I have a part that I would like to make with production intent material. The are undercuts. We need 20-50 parts. Can this be done with epoxy tooling? What about accuracy? Interested parties call John Howarter at 309 272-0023.

John Howarter

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