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From: Mitchell, Doug (D.B.) (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 14:43:19 EEST

Hello rapid ones,

I was just asked by an acquaintance about the use of FDM
or SLA parts on a one-off car.

He is building a custom show car, and is interested in
using FDM or SLA parts for the instrument panel (also
known as the dashboard). He would like to use the RP
part directly, after post-processing and after reinforcing
it with fiberglass. This car will also see limited street
use after it is shown.

Has anyone done this before? Yes, Ford does use FDM parts
in our show cars, but they are not usually driven more
than a couple of miles in their entire life. I am concerned
about how interior heat would affect the life expectancy
of the parts.

Thanks in advance,


Doug Mitchell
Ford Motor Company

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