Re: Using parts - Follow-up

From: Mitchell, Doug (D.B.) (
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 16:09:29 EEST

Hello all,

Just thought I would drop a line thanking everyone who
responded for there input regarding the use of RP parts
in a show car.

First, I had a momentary loss of brain function when I
composed the note yesterday. What the guy is doing, is
building a Street Rod, '37 Ford. He is investigating
processes to use to build the instrument panel. I will
probably make him FDM ABS parts, which he will clean and
use in the car.

In general, the consensus is that most RP parts will be
just fine in this type of environment. He is more concerned
about strength, which with reinforcing should be ideal.
My concern was with the occasional use of the car as
transportation, and how hot the interior can get when parked
outside on sunny days.

That's about it, thanks again for everyone's input.

Oh yes, one other thing. Congratulations to the Detroit
Red Wings, winners of the 2002 Stanley Cup.

Doug Mitchell
Ford Motor Company

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