Instant quoting and RFQs

From: Ron James (
Date: Tue Jun 18 2002 - 13:34:11 EEST

Greetings list,

I would like to post an update and pose a question about the new RFQ
system integrated into STL Quote, our online rapid prototyping
quoting software.

In addition to instant online quoting, customers can create RFQ's to
request a quotation for manual review. Either feature can operate
independently - for bureaus who offer only instant quotes, only
manual quotes or both.

When a RFQ's is submitted, the bureau is notified by e-mail or fax
and can easily submit prices back to the customer. Orders can be
placed by the customer with a credit card or purchase order.
Customers can then check the status of their RP order from your

Feedback is welcome, on or off-list. I am interested in developing
more ways for RP bureaus to utilize the Internet and e-commerce to
save time and resources, while still maintaining a "personal"
relationship with customers. Any thoughts?

Ron James (877) 560-1658
STL Quote


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