Re: STL Files of Cars uploaded

From: Ken Leung (
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 20:16:31 EEST

To ensure that you save the STL file in netscape, you should hold shift then
click on the links. In IE, right click and select Save Target As... it worked
for me so far in both netscape 6 and IE 5.

the 3D compression is a great idea, i will work on that now.

Quoting Bram de Smit <A.desmit@IO.TUdelft.NL>:

> Hi Ken,
> Looks interesting. Some nice pictures of STL files.
> For some reason however I seem not to be able to download them, using my
> Netscape 4.7 browser. Al that I get are small files (about 400 kb) with
> a content that does not look like a car at al when I view it.
> Is something wrong on my side or on yours?
> greetings,
> --
> Bram de Smit,

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