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Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 20:32:44 EEST

David & Steven,

This contest seems best described by a phrase coined by Scott Van Note for a
seminar he gave at ASU: "Shade Tree Rapid Prototyping".

It seems to me that the skepticism is beside the point.
The quote by Franklin in Elaine's origonal message is a hint.

Talk about margin supposes that this is about developing a commercial
Even the first (expensive) photocopiers were not high-quality by today's

I'm thinking of the long term social effect of having people buy designs for
things that they make in their own home-replicator. Of a radically
different system of production/distribution of ideas and goods. And it only
remains far fetched as long as no one tries to have their 8th grade class
make a replicator.

Maybe the technology does not exist to make a high-quality system for 2k,
but to make a system at all and to involve the public could do an alot.


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I have a hard time getting computers, printers, and copiers less than
$2,000. Of course, it can be done. Computers are now regularly under $2k,
and printers range from the ultimate cheap to $2k. . . But, high quality
copiers. . . hmmm

Why would u want to develop something that would have no margin. And, if
they purchased a $2k system, what would be the ancilary equipment needs?
Computer $1400
Desk $100
Software $2500

Not to talk about software and hardware maintenance.

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Doesn't this contest pre-suppose that a $2000 RP machine is a possibility?
Maybe it is possible so then my question becomes if you know of the
technology that would make this happen how come no commercial company is
working on it?

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What's the point 3D Systems will sue the crap out of the winner claiming
some form of patent infringement!

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Subject: 3d for 2k event

The idea of 3d for 2k has been kicked around for a number of years... so
below are ideas for comments, suggestions, and flames, plus volunteers......


(3D under $2K)
3 Dimensional Replicator Competition
Vision: To produce functional designs for low cost machines that can
replicate 3 dimensional objects from computer data models. (CAD, 3D Imaging,
and VR file formats)
Mission: To encourage students (and home hobbyists) to build a 3 dimensional
replicating system for less than $2K that is capable of building useful

Design a 3D replicating system using "off the shelf" or easy to fabricate
parts, that can be built for less than $2000 USD. Thereby increasing public
awareness of prototyping technologies and the use of 3 dimensional
        Must submit an object replicated by the system.
Must describe and demonstrate the operational parameters.
Must describe or demonstrate the use or function of the replicated parts.
        Must identify the costs of build materials and operation.
        Must submit a report with construction diagrams, parts list and
        Must be public domain work.

Time Frame: Work must begin in ? 2002 and final submission of paper and
models must be made by ? , 2003. (ideas of timing are welcome)

Promotion: Entrants must be willing to be interviewed by the media and
promote the competition.

Judging: A committee of business leaders will select finalists based on
quality of replicated objects, ease of use, functionality of objects, and
cost to create the system and the replicated objects.

Finalist Judging: Replicator systems must be operational during event held
for judging.

Publication: All submissions will be posted on a web site with complete
plans and materials lists available. 2004 competition will build on previous

"In war, attempts thought to be impossible do often for that very reason
become possible and practical, because nobody expects them and no
precautions are taken to guard against them." Benjamin Franklin

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