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Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 01:22:45 EEST

Right on Elaine!!!

I'm an artist and educator and I agree completely. As a teacher of young
artists, my stock -in-trade is imagination. Therefore I will pass this
challenge onto my students next semester. It is a worthy endeavor.

- Stanley

At 03:16 PM 6/25/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>where is the vision? innovation? promotion?
>Get rid of the idea that younger generations will not invent things we are
>yet to think of..........
>I am not pushing the development of a commercial system but the need to
>get design, prototyping, and imagination into the class room while RP
>vendors are focusing on your pocket book....
>Yes Pete Sferro did refire my dream of a 2k system and helped me realize
>that a commercial system does not have to exist as long as the attempt to
>make such a machine educates students. John Miller, while a RPA board
>member, did RP in a Box but his plan did not call for the use of a RP
>system. While Pete and John both realized the importance of RP, I, along
>with others, am calling for a competition to make prototyping part of the
>educational process.
> If you look at the numbers of commercial RP installation at educational
> institutions (over 350 worldwide) you will find that they are used for
> education less than 15% of the time. That is sad...... and the bottom
> line is that if a system is purchased it has to be maintained and
> therefore education comes in last behind research and SB work. Of course
> I'll be flamed for saying research is not education. It is education but
> limited to a select few which again is sad...
>As long as students can design a part in CAD I don't care if second
>graders use bread, peanut butter and jelly to build a better
>sandwich....... as long as the machine does it without hand labor from a
>CAD file....... I would think that other grade levels would be more
>inventive..Martin Koch demonstrated RP with a glue gun before getting a
>commercial system so this event should be a piece of cake for him.
>Tim is correct that now is the time to push the technology up through our
>educational institutions and make RP fit into the education box.
>"In war (or business), attempts thought to be impossible do often for that
>very reason become possible and practical, because nobody expects them and
>no precautions are taken to guard against them." Benjamin Franklin
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