From: Ian Gibson (igibson@hkucc.hku.hk)
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 04:29:59 EEST

Martin reminds me that when I was still at Nottingham, we ran some student
group-based projects.

They each had a budget of around 200 pounds (around $300) and each came up
with a machine that made some form of RP model. 2 were based on laminated
sheets and 2 were extrusion based.

The students scrounged most of the equipment, old pen plotters, glue guns,
etc. One group even used a dentists drill. The slice files were mostly
generated from AutoLISP routines. The xyz was mainly based on stepper
motors driven from control boards and software that were in the public domain.

The models were pretty poor, but simple and recognisable shapes could be made.

I wholly support Elaine's suggestion. I consider this to be a challenge
which we can give to our students. I take David's point and think we should
detach the computer from the cost equation. I also think that some of you
companies out there should put up some prizemoney for this.

I will be at the SFF in Austin this year. I'd like to propose that a small
working group meet over a beer or 3, eke out some rules and propose it for
the coming academic year.

What say you?


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