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Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 00:05:21 EEST

Hi Elaine:

This is a great idea and it would be a lot of fun - for us. Maybe it
wouldn't be quite as much fun for companies that might stand to get their
lunches eaten in the event of an eventual success, however.

Such competitions actually have strong history of producing innovation. A
lot of the early development of aviation was strongly fostered this way,
right down to our own time. The man-powered flight competition won by the
Gossamer Condor was one such contest, various ballooning feats have been
others. There have been numerous other "Prizes" in many other fields,
especially in early automotive technology if memory serves.

We already know that you can do RP for $2K, because several people have
already done it and have replied to the list - (including me some years ago).
 I think we need other specification targets besides simple cost: What those
classical "Prize" competition all had in common were fairly lofty, if not
impossible, performance goals. How about something like the performance of
an SLA250 for $2K? That would be a nice challenging target.

Another thing those contests had was a goodly sized Prize. Filthy lucre
motivates the masses, I have heard. Quo Bono? A lot of people on this list
would benefit, and if half of them contributed $10 each we'd have about an
$8,500 Prize. While the systems houses and SB's might not benefit -
materials houses would - Big Time. Surely they understand the possibility of
an enormous increase in materials sales with a big increase in machine
population. Others may benefit, as well, such as SW houses. Those who stand
to benefit are the guys to ask for funds. Maybe the pot grows continually
with contributions until someone reaches the goal. That would provide a
continuous forcing function to the contest - possibly over several years and
many important and changing goals.

I would be pleased to offer on-going publicity and promotion through our web
site - and will be the first to throw my ten bucks into the hat.

You are a trouble maker, Elaine. Good work!


Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co.
781-646-6280 (voice or fax) (email)

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<< The idea of 3d for 2k has been kicked around for a number of years... so
 below are ideas for comments, suggestions, and flames, plus volunteers......

 (3D under $2K)
 3 Dimensional Replicator Competition
 Vision: To produce functional designs for low cost machines that can
 replicate 3 dimensional objects from computer data models. (CAD, 3D
 Imaging, and VR file formats)
 Mission: To encourage students (and home hobbyists) to build a 3
 dimensional replicating system for less than $2K that is capable of
 building useful parts.
 Design a 3D replicating system using "off the shelf" or easy to fabricate
 parts, that can be built for less than $2000 USD. Thereby increasing public
 awareness of prototyping technologies and the use of 3 dimensional
          Must submit an object replicated by the system.
 Must describe and demonstrate the operational parameters.
 Must describe or demonstrate the use or function of the replicated parts.
          Must identify the costs of build materials and operation.
          Must submit a report with construction diagrams, parts list and
          Must be public domain work.
 Time Frame: Work must begin in ? 2002 and final submission of paper and
 models must be made by ? , 2003. (ideas of timing are welcome)
 Promotion: Entrants must be willing to be interviewed by the media and
 promote the competition.
 Judging: A committee of business leaders will select finalists based on
 quality of replicated objects, ease of use, functionality of objects, and
 cost to create the system and the replicated objects.
 Finalist Judging: Replicator systems must be operational during event held
 for judging.
 Publication: All submissions will be posted on a web site with complete
 plans and materials lists available. 2004 competition will build on
 previous work.
 "In war, attempts thought to be impossible do often for that very reason
 become possible and practical, because nobody expects them and no
 precautions are taken to guard against them." Benjamin Franklin
 Elaine Hunt, Director
 Laboratory to Advance Industrial Prototyping
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 Clemson University
 Clemson, SC 29634

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