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Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 05:19:18 EEST

It has been a while since I have read listings on the RPML, and this story caught my eye that was listed back on May 29th from Bruce @ Eagle Design & Technology, Inc. I feel your pain and only hope that you have been able to bounce back and recover.

We have been feuding this past week over getting a new laser on our SLA5000. Last June I signed a four year deal for our 2 SLA5000 machines. One of which was put on an Elite contract for one of the four years anticipating that we would need a new laser before June 28th of 2002. Smart idea to amortize a $38,000 laser over a 12 month time period....wrong. Since our laser is not below minimum spec, they will not replace it, even though a technician who was in last week to tune the laser said we would be lucky to get 2 more months from this laser. Below is a partial response to our problem:

"... current policy which was the policy back in 2001 , we will replace as many components as needed to keep your machine running above our minimum specifications. In the past our MHSL contract had a limit on how many lasers would be replaced under contract. The change to the Elite contract was designed to provide our customers with less risk and higher value at a substantial cost savings over our previous years contracts."

Can anyone see the "value and substantial cost savings" when I never got a replacement laser in the 12 month timeframe that was basically paid for?

Moral of the story, there are several choices for service on your SLA machines with added value and costs savings (substantial). I urge everyone to look at the other choices and do not sign any extended contracts unless there is a easy way out. Do not make the same mistake that we did. I am sure we have legal ramifications here and we will be pursuing that avenue! But, why do we need to go to this extent when we are the customer?

I have many other stories, and have heard that line "it must be the resin" many times. I even switched resins to eliminate that issue, then it became an issue again earlier this year. I finally got smart and switched all my machines over to a resin that to date has ran quite nicely in all five of our machines. And now my resin is causing the auto-refill door to fall off and the o-rings to deteriote. Incredible!

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