RE: Novice 3d scan question: stitching point clouds

From: Anshuman Razdan (
Date: Sun Jun 30 2002 - 05:22:05 EEST

Hmm interesting that you want the points aligned but don't want a mesh
like Geomagic would produce. One alternative is to use Geomagic to
combine the points let it be wrapped and meshed. Then you can sort of
sample the surface as just points. Throw away the topology and keep the
geometry (points). Would u describe your application a bit more as I am
puzzled that you don't want more than points.


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On Sat, 29 Jun 2002, Deelip Menezes wrote:
> Bathsheba, I am not sure whether these utilities will be helpful to
> you, mainly because (1) you need AutoCAD or Rhino to run them, and (2)

> your point could may not be in the form of a matrix (rows and
> columns). These plug-ins were developed to read in data from a Ditizer

> or 3D Scanner.

Thanks much! I do have Rhino, and the points are from a scanner, so
this might be a good solution for us. I'm not sure yet if the points
are in a matrix, but if not maybe I can push them into one.

I don't think that answering a question is a violation of list
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