Re: Save big on SLA models

From: Mike L (
Date: Mon Jul 01 2002 - 19:20:51 EEST

Ron, So to clarify.... You are the webservice-provider... Whom also hosts
"" for himself, but offers webservice to other bureaus such as
SharedReplicators owned by Ron Jones who also used to own (maybe still does)
some petroleum composite R&D company.

Now Christine Huskinsson (an art professor "or something" that resides in
Kentucky) takes out the web address but "only" uses your DNS
server while hosting the site with an entirely different company. is ironically located at 624 South Boston (a location that is a
petroleum composits company called Integrated Services). Now the owner of
CheapSla is not Christine it is now actually Robin who forgot to change the
email info until recently.

I don't see a conspiracy, but it sure would make a nice soap opera. Doh. :-}

(ps: I actually don't care, it's really very funny though).

I agree with D. Leigh, keep up the BluesClues, heh..

Mike L.

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Just to clarify, the DNS and IP addresses in this block are managed
by my company. We provide full-service hosting, file transfer
servers, and DNS services for many (different) rapid prototyping and
manufacturing web sites. :-]



On Fri, 28 Jun 2002 17:28:25 -0500, Mike Littrell wrote:
>Actually I find it quite funny...
>The Primary DNS Server for ( on netsol)
>"is" the primary (IP) web address for
>( via tracert), probably not for long though, heh.
>Not very sly if they are trying to hide who they are. Christine is
>likely a daughter or maiden name of a wife?
>....... they shouldn't have relied on...
>Mike L.

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