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Date: Mon Jul 01 2002 - 23:05:48 EEST

Are you working through Geomagic Studio? We have a problem with units coming out of Studio. When working in inches and exporting IGES surfaces, Solidworks sees the part as mm which gives a 25.4 scaling factor. Step as an output format solves this problem, else we work in mm in Geomagic, then convert back to inches in Solidworks.

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  Does anyone have experience with this scanner (PIX-4)? I bought one but have had difficulty with the units when importing into cad packages. I have contacted the company technical group and they say the units are determined by the setting for my computer . The regional settings determine if it is inches or metric. Seems like an odd way to select units and when I do, I still get metric when imported into some cad packages.

  Dr. Stephen Schmitt

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