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Date: Mon Jul 01 2002 - 23:55:54 EEST


I have been monitoring this exchange about CheapSLA, a competitor who is
also located Tulsa and until now I have found the commentary to be rather
humorous. As mentioned previously by Mr. Neal, we are one of many
fulfillment suppliers to his firm. We are also a fulfillment supplier to
many other firms that market RP services.

You sir have crossed the line. I will not let your cheap shot at my
company, which you know nothing about, go unanswered. First, we are
anything but secretive. All you have to do on any given day is type in one
of several key industry terms on your browser and our web address will be in
the top 2 or 3 listings. We put a considerable amount of information about
our company on our website. At the last SME RP&M Expo we were an exhibitor.
We have historically attended user conferences and are pretty well known in
the industry.

Your snide comments and speculations about our pricing practices sound to me
like sour grapes. Like all RP service providers today, we are faced with
ever increasing pricing pressures. We are one of the few firms in the
industry that uses an on-line quotation system. Our quote system is there
for all of our customers to use. So, your speculation that we do not want
our good customers to know about our pricing practices is ludicrous. We
know that many of our competitors, many of whom monitor this list, have used
our quotation system to get a handle on our pricing practices. Well so be
it. That's business and we accept that. What we do not accept is wild
accusations comparing us to companies with questionable accounting
practices. If you have evidence to support your contentions please make it
known, otherwise I would advise you to consult your attorney to find out the
definition of libel and tortuous interference.

Ronald Jones
Shared Replicators, Inc.

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> I would sure like to see the economic model where you can take a $800,000
> machine, filled with $60,000 worth of resin, using a $42,000 laser with a
> finite life; along with all the overhead, computers, software, people,
> maintenance, etc., and sell parts so cheap.
> Someone must get overcharged to subsidize the operation. That is the most
> likely reason they are so secretive. They don't want their good paying
> customers to know that they are giving parts away to any Tom, Dick and
> coming along.
> They must use the same accounting methods used at Enron and Worldcomm.
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