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From: Bathsheba Grossman (
Date: Tue Jul 02 2002 - 00:36:58 EEST

On Mon, 1 Jul 2002, Ronald Jones wrote:
> You sir have crossed the line. I will not let your cheap shot at my
> company, which you know nothing about, go unanswered. First, we are
> anything but secretive. All you have to do on any given day is type in one
> of several key industry terms on your browser and our web address will be in
> the top 2 or 3 listings. We put a considerable amount of information about
> our company on our website. At the last SME RP&M Expo we were an exhibitor.
> We have historically attended user conferences and are pretty well known in
> the industry.

Wait, I thought it was CheapSLA that was being called secretive,
rather than Shared.

If there had been a name, address and phone at to start
with, I doubt this discussion would ever have got started.

> it. That's business and we accept that. What we do not accept is wild
> accusations comparing us to companies with questionable accounting
> practices. If you have evidence to support your contentions please make it
> known, otherwise I would advise you to consult your attorney to find out the
> definition of libel and tortuous interference.

Aw, go on - it's posted from a hotmail address, in court you couldn't
even prove who wrote it.

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