RE: Novice 3d scan question: stitching point clouds

From: Henry Sommer (
Date: Wed Jul 03 2002 - 02:09:11 EEST

The sculptures are nice and it is an interesting technology. This seems like
a good use for the tools in Imageware and the other reverse engineering
software that will turn a surface into a point cloud. You could take a
surface you modeled else where and sample it. Also you could fit a surface
to an unorganized point cloud and then sample that surface in an organized
manner to make a better looking sculpture.

Can the software for the scanner that created the data manipulate the clouds
to align them?

Henry Sommer

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> It seems like all the software that does this is very expensive and
> also does a lot of other things not relevant to this application. So
> we'll probably end up either getting it done as a service, or with me
> writing a wee tool to do the job.

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