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I occasionally wonder about you. You appear to have a large chip on your
shoulder and are just looking for some one to fight with. You have no
reason to all ways to be after me and yet you never relent in your effort to
degrade me or AAROFLEX. You have actually hurt the RP industry by helping
to reduce the competition because some people probably listen to your wild
acquisitions and degradations of others. Further more no one would ever
dare to come out against you for fear of being attacked as you have attacked
me. Have I ever harmed you or degraded you? Well, in any event I have
decided to pray for you that you will find some kind of happiness in your
life and that you will no longer carry a grudge against me or the world. I
do not know you problem, but I assume it is big and it will eventually kill
you if you continue to carry such hatred and bitterness. I forgive you for
you uncalled for action against me or AAROFLEX. I DO HOPE YOU CAN FIND SOME




Albert C. Young, Jr., PE.




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