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Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 21:02:32 EEST

 Hi Keith,
Here is some info:
About Scanners (Hardware):


You probably understand that there are variety of non-touch, and touch probe type scanners. There are plus and minus points with each of them, and you can’t expect to do all kinds of jobs with one scanner. You can still compare and choose the best one that suits your needs. Based on my experience, I can suggest some, if you could explain me geometry and features of the parts you are planning to scan. If you have pictures, it would help.

I have some .pdf files with some good comparison of different scanners (accuracy, cost etc). These files are old, but will give some idea about scanners, and will help as a starting point.

Let me know, if you are interested. I will have to search for them in my files.


Some of the RE softwares:


Imageware, which became IDEAS-Freeform modeler after SDRC bought the company, and now owned by EDS as EDS bought SDRC. This is good software for complete Reverse Engineering and Inspection.

Icem surf –, or Reverse Engineering software with good Class A capabilities, and reverse engineering tools

Now owned by PTC (Parametric Technologies, which makes Pro/Engineer)

Alias – Styling/Surfacing software with some RE capabilities

Innovmetric ( – alignment, inspection, polygon operations etc

Paraform ( - Rapid surfacing tool.

Geomagic ( - Rapid surfacing tool

Rhino (


About Service bureaus:


I have been working for a Reverse Engineering service bureau since 1996. You can find information on our company website: about our services. We do extensive surfacing and solid modeling on scan data.

There are several others in Detroit area and elsewhere. I am in the process of compiling a list.


Hope this information helps you!

If you need any more help, please send an e-mail


Vasudev Komaragiri

Project Engineer

3D Solutions

1100 Owendale dr., suite K


Ph: 248-689-5660

  Keith Ramthun <> wrote:
Hello list, After a years absence from the rp-ml list, I have returned with a question. I am interested in the current state of the art for reverse engineering complex shapes including internal passages by CT scan. I am interested in the hardware, the software for converting the scan data to 3D models, and if there are any service bureaus that provide this service. Please respond directly to me with any information you can share. Thanks in advance Keith RamthunCTN

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