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From: Lamar Davidge (
Date: Wed Jul 10 2002 - 03:37:41 EEST


    Yes I can, I would machine it in two halves then join them. Just as you
would have to leave some sort of hole for the fluid(or powder), and support
structure to be removed. Can you create STL parts in titanium? Don't get me
wrong, both systems have their advantages, I didn't mean that high speed
machining is the best solution in every situation. I just see so many
uninformed people assume that the laser RP systems are the best solution
because they are the newest technology, without really understanding what
the newer milling machines are capable of.
    If you look at the costs involved in setting up a prototyping shop, it's
hard to say that RP systems are the best allaround solution to modelmaking.


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From: Mike Littrell
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Can you machine a hollow ball?

Mike Littrell
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