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From: Vasudev Komaragiri (
Date: Wed Jul 10 2002 - 14:39:07 EEST

 As Earnst Muller suggested, it might be good idea to find scanners locally. Once you get the scan data, you need some Reverse Engineering software to get an stl off the scan. I am not sure, if atos built in software can deliver stl directly.
We use Imageware for all our Reverse Engineering jobs (now owned by EDS-Unigraphics). In my reply to a question on CT-SCAN on the rpml site, I mentioned about other softwares. We also use Paraform for generating stl files on scans.
scanning the bones
There could be some noise in the scan data, which needs to be cleaned up for generating good stl. We have scanned and generated stl file of bone implants using non-touch scanners similar to ATOS. I'd recommend digibotics (laser scanner) for the bones. For details, check on I am not sure if they are in business, but some people are still using digibotics scanner. Also check the accuracy, and make sure the numbers are what you are looking for.
I am not sure who in India has those scanners. Not that ATOS is a bad scanner, if available I'd definitely try with it. Atos is good for many other jobs. For this particular job, I feel digibotics is more suitable.
I don't know what your budget limits are and if this research is funded or not. We can help with scan data processing and stl file creation, if you could get it scanned there.
If you need more help or info, please send an e-mail to me.
Vasu Komaragiri
Project Engineer
3D SOlutions
1100 owendale dr., suite K
ph: 248-689-5660
  Pulak Mohan Pandey phd me <> wrote: Dear List
I need STL file of a heap bone for my research work.
please help me in this matter.
Thanking you

Pulak Mohan Pandey
Ph.D. Scholar
C/O Prof. S.G. Dhande
Prof. N.V. Reddy
Res:J2 SBRA, IIT Kanpur
Lecturer, Dept. of Mech. Engg.
Harcourt Butler Technological Institute
Phone: 0512-405419 (R)

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