Re: In Need of STL file of a Bone-clarification

From: Vasudev Komaragiri (
Date: Wed Jul 10 2002 - 17:39:31 EEST

As Dr. Yassar mentioned in his reply, the CT scan is
the only non-destructive scanner to get hidden details
or inner geometry. There is another one, CGI, which is
a destructive type of scanner. The part(bone) will be
literally sliced to capture the cross-section data at
each slice.
Not sure what your requirements are. If you are doing
surface scan only, then you have more choice, and
comparatively CT scan is expensive as far as I know.

Digibotics (scanner) is good for small parts with
curvature and requiring 360 degree scan. With Atos
and other scanners, you need to put the targets on the
part and use photogrammetry to align different snap
shots of scan. This may be complicated with the
curvature changing all around. This is where
digibotics is better. On this scanner, the part is
mounted on a indexed circular plate, which rotates.
The scanner is mounted on traslating beam, which
throws laser light on the part. The process is

Whatever be the scanner, you need to process the scan
data to get a good stl. Imageware is the software
for processing all types of scan data and generate
stl, nurbs surface model, or do some inspection work.
Imageware is not a scanner.
Check other softwares also. Check with Venkat
Krishnamurthy at also for help.
Paraform is a good software for stl file creation and
rapid nurbs modeling. It is good for organic shapes.
Also check geomagic (

Thank you
Vasu Komaragiri

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> Dear List
> I need STL file of a heap bone for my research work.
> please help me in this matter.
> Thanking you
> Pulak
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