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I am forwarding an Email from a vendor that someone on this list recommended
to me. Please let us know how the project goes. I would like to hear some
experiences with CT scanning.


Henry Sommer
Associate Senior Engineer, Whitelight Design
(770) 354-4392

Reverse Engineering

ARACOR has pioneered the use of x-ray computed tomography (CT) for reverse engineering, metrology and part production. A description of our CT-based reverse engineering capabilities is enclosed. We have developed CT machines and software designed specifically for reverse engineering applications. ARACOR is working with companies to develop fully-digital CT-based inspection capabilities, such as for first article inspection of castings.


Our Konoscope cone-beam CT systems provide the high-resolution data required for accurate reverse engineering. High resolution data is acquired in all three directions, which cannot be achieved with conventional slice-by-slice CT scanning. Scanning at image sizes, such as 1024x1024x1024 pixels, can be performed in reasonable times. Information about our Konoscopes is enclosed.


ARACOR developed the CT-ABLE code to create STL files from CT data. CT-ABLE provides the high dimensional accuracy required for industrial reverse engineering. Using CT-ABLE, ARACOR has obtained dimensional measurements similar to those made with a CMM.

In November 2000, I made a presentation to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers concerning our CT-based reverse engineering technology. A copy of my Powerpoint presentation is available on our anonymous ftp site, The file name is ARACOR SME 111400.ppt. This presentation addresses the Konoscope and CT-ABLE software and includes examples of reverse engineering projects we have performed. There is no "narration" with the presentation, but the slides should be helpful.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Regards. Bob Frankle Manager, Business and Technology Development ARACOR 408-733-7780 425 Lakeside Drive 408-732-1996 (fax) Sunnyvale, CA 94085

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Hello list,

After a years absence from the rp-ml list, I have returned with a question. I am interested in the current state of the art for reverse engineering complex shapes including internal passages by CT scan. I am interested in the hardware, the software for converting the scan data to 3D models, and if there are any service bureaus that provide this service.

Please respond directly to me with any information you can share.

Thanks in advance

Keith Ramthun CTN Prototypes

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