1/4 scale NASCAR model

From: Archie Swanner (alswan@Roushind.com)
Date: Mon Jul 15 2002 - 18:35:12 EEST

To all,

A highly motivated team here at Roush Industries (based in Livonia, Michigan) took on a challenge. The challenge was to build a 1/4 scale NASCAR model under 5 weeks to be used as a display aid during the races. It was featured on the Today Show on July 5 and was used by NBC during the Tropicana 400 in Chicago. The car in approximately 90% SLA. The body (carbon fiber), tires (urethane - foam core), and the frame (urethane - steel core) are the only parts that where not left as SLA.

The motivating force behind this challenge was Team Caliber.

I believe that NBC, TNT, Team Caliber, or Roush Ind. will be putting pictures of the model on the internet soon.

Just wanted to inform everyone that there is a SLA model that is being used, and that you can see it on public television.

Archie Swanner
Manufacturing Technologies
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