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Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 22:34:19 EEST


I agree that the post processing is the weak link in the Z corp system.
I have had some success with a single part resin called Gorilla Glue. I
can put it in a 5 gallon bucket, submerge the z corp part into it, put
the whole shebang in a pressure pot (to drive the resin into the part)
at about 20-25 psi. The resin will infiltrate the part 100% and makes
for a very strong finish that can be worked robustly. The resin is
easily available at Woodworking supply or and its called
Gorilla Glue. It is activated by moisture.

 It has some drawbacks. ITs not cheap, like all of these high tech fancy
resins. I have thinned the glue with Xylene (because it has the
viscosity of honey) which takes a long time to outgas from the part
while it is curing. Its noxious and poisinous and must be well
ventilated.(I haven't yet tried to dip the parts into the glue and then
pressurize them. The problem there is still the cost of the glue. I
sure wish I could get something like good old plaster which doesn't
poisin the air while I'm working. The outgassing from the xylene
continued for a couple of weeks.

If you dip a part and don't get full infiltration, the surface rips open
as the glue cures and shrinks. Again that happened over a three week
period. The rips or tears didn't appear right away.

The Problem with two part resins is that you must apply them, tediously
by hand or spray. THe ideal solution is a process similar to what I have
described where the part can be fully submerged and pressure-ized. The
pressurization really works nicely.A two part resin is undesireable
because of the waiste factor.

In one case, the part actually becanme slightly flexible. TO hold a z
corp part in your hand and twist it a little is kind of cool. This is a
part that I could stand on, the glue is so strong.

Way back, someone on the list told me they would help me by sharing
their process but they became mysteriously absent when I tried to
contact them.

Anyone, please share your simplified techniques for finsihing Z corp
parts into robust parts!! Cost effectively, simply!!


michael rees

Stefan Stiegler wrote:

>I was wondering if anyone out there has used any spray on type of
>infiltrants to the ZP100 or ZP14 powder for the Z-Corp 402 printer.
>Currently I am using the Sicomet 9000 infiltrant but am searching for an
>easier and possibly cheaper infiltrant that would add the same (or close to
>the same) strength properties. I am finding the application of the resin to
>be the most tedious job on the planet.
>Thanks for your input,
>Stefan Stiegler
>Wescast Industries GmbH.
>RP Technician.
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For more information about the rp-ml, see

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