Minimum feature sizes on RP parts

From: Candi Majewski (
Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 15:39:33 EEST

Dear list,

I am trying to put together an information sheet detailing current RP
processes. One thing I am interested in is the minimum feature size which
can be successfully produced using each process.

Below is a list of the processes I am looking at, along with the feature
sizes I have down at the moment.

I am interested in any comments anyone may have - are these numbers
reasonable, have you successfully produced smaller features than these, or
are these sizes unrealistic?

Stereolithography - 0.1mm
Fused Deposition Modelling - 0.2mm
Direct Metal Laser Sintering (EOS) - 0.2mm
Laser Sintering (3D Systems) Metal - 0.2mm
Laser Sintering (3D Systems) Plastic- 0.2mm
Laser Sintering (3D Systems) Sand - 0.5mm
Wax Jet Printing - 0.2mm
3-D Printing (Soligen) - 0.5mm
3-D Printing (Pro-metal) - 0.2mm
3-D Printing (Z-Corp) - 0.5mm
Laminated Object Manufacturer - 0.5mm
Ink Jet Printing (Objet) - 0.05mm

Any comments would be appreciated!

Have a great weekend,


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