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Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 16:56:13 EEST

Dear Candi

There are some processes missing from your list......check out Microtec in
Germany, EPFL in Switzerland, The University of Sussex in the UK and
Envision Tec in Germany. All of these companies/ institutions offer non
standard RP processes specifically for the production of small high
resolution parts. I particularly like Envision Tec's approach

I would also be surprised if Objet could produce a resolution of 50 microns,
although I'm quite prepared to proved wrong.

Best regards


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Dear list,

I am trying to put together an information sheet detailing current RP
processes. One thing I am interested in is the minimum feature size which
can be successfully produced using each process.

Below is a list of the processes I am looking at, along with the feature
sizes I have down at the moment.

I am interested in any comments anyone may have - are these numbers
reasonable, have you successfully produced smaller features than these, or
are these sizes unrealistic?

Stereolithography - 0.1mm
Fused Deposition Modelling - 0.2mm
Direct Metal Laser Sintering (EOS) - 0.2mm
Laser Sintering (3D Systems) Metal - 0.2mm
Laser Sintering (3D Systems) Plastic- 0.2mm
Laser Sintering (3D Systems) Sand - 0.5mm
Wax Jet Printing - 0.2mm
3-D Printing (Soligen) - 0.5mm
3-D Printing (Pro-metal) - 0.2mm
3-D Printing (Z-Corp) - 0.5mm
Laminated Object Manufacturer - 0.5mm
Ink Jet Printing (Objet) - 0.05mm

Any comments would be appreciated!

Have a great weekend,


Candice Majewski
Rapid Manufacturing Group,
Loughborough University,
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