From: #LEE CHEE WAI# (PS7606698A@ntu.edu.sg)
Date: Sat Jul 27 2002 - 05:09:03 EEST

Dear All,

I'm currently a research student working with the FDM machine. We have been working on the material ICW06 for some time and met with some problems. As such, would appreciate if the list could provide some light on the following issues:

1. The calibration of the machine with the ICW06 material has not been successful even when following the guidelines of calibration. Has anyone out there successfully calibrated the FDM to use ICW06? Can share the steps taken?

2. The removal of the support material is difficult (especially for undercut regions) as it is a breakaway support system. Can anyone share their experiences in this area?

3. Has anyone used the ICW06 material with results? Kindly share any publications / write-ups on the actual work done.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Lee Chee Wai
Research Student
Rapid Prototyping Research Laboratory
Design Research Centre
School of Mechanical and Production Engineering (Nanyang Technological University)
Block N3, B4-W204,
50, Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 639798
Tel: +65 6790 4466
E-mail: cheewai_lee@pmail.ntu.edu.sg

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