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Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 00:38:07 EEST


a single JPEG to a 3D solid will be different that multiple JPEG's. If you
have multiple JPEGs you can use an application like RealViz Image Modeler.
We do this with rectilinear objects but have never tried it with an organic
solid, however, they were demo- ing the application that way at SIGRAPH last

I would imagine that a single JPEG would have to be converted into a
heightfield or displacement map and then applied to an existing model of a
head type of object. I have never done this but have seen similar types of
things done in Studio Max or Maya or the like.

Sorry not to useful a post when I re- read it but hey, best I got.

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  Does anyone know of a process or software that would take a digital image
(photo) and somehow result in a 3D solids / model? The application is based
around a request to take a digital picture of a human head and create a 3d

  Thanks for your help.

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