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Gentlemen, have you had a chance to check out
<> for your rapid prototyping requirements? I
think you will be presently surprise with the quality and price.


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Dear Dan,


I have had a similar request recently and as far as I can figure there
is no way of doing it satisfactorily. There all sort of software
applications that can produce a height based 3D structures from pixel
images but these are usually based on greyscale values (height being
proportional to grey value). There are other systems like ArtCAM, which
is very good for line artwork for coins, stamping dies and such like but
would be very difficult to apply to a human face as you would have to
manually draw in the contours of the face on the photo and chose heights
that would give the face a realistic profile.


The kind of software that is used for making models from CT or MRI data
won't help you because it uses multiple images to create the third
dimension (height).


There are some software packages that can give a rough 3D model of a
face by using multiple photos taken of a person's profile as they are
rotated. Its a pretty crude and slow process and you've got no chance of
getting the required photos if your dealing with babies.


My conclusion was that the only way to get 3D was to use a light or
laser scanner. I've done this many times successfully with adults and
older children but scanning babies is difficult as they never stop
moving. Even fast scanners that may have a capture time of 0.6 seconds
will give poor results if the baby moves during the scan (0.6 seconds is
a long time, ask a photographer).


Of course I didn't do an exhaustive search but I spent long enough
thinking about it to come to this conclusion.


kind regards,


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