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From: Kirk Brown (
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 19:43:37 EEST

Dear cheapsla, after looking at your website I was wondering why is it so
impersonal? There is no contact name other then Sales Person, no phone
number, no address, can I come down and look at your facility?

On a side note, does anyone out there know how much the auto-quoting RP
software costs?

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  Gentlemen, have you had a chance to check out for your
rapid prototyping requirements? I think you will be presently surprise with
the quality and price.

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  Dear Jeffrey I am also in Jewellery industry and we have some applications
like producing stamping moulds from a grayscale bitmap.

  We are using ArtCAM, Cimagraphy, Quickshape, Unigraphics and Mechanical
Desktop for these applications which fits to application.

  Yes you are right that some of the details are lost during the
transformation of the datas but with some small modifications you can
achieve good results. We are nowadays making the ancient Greek Gods as

  This software that you have mentioned using CAT scans or MRI is a software
of Materialise. I have not been able to try it yet but I saw some very
succesfull sterolitography models of human being organs.


  Mehmet SALIM

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    I gave this quite a bit of thought several years ago in order to create
3D medallions of baby portraits (I'm a jewelry manufacturer). I even did
several tests using various techniques and got some decent results, but they
took a LOT of work to produce so I gave up on it as too costly.

    Heightfield bitmaps don't work very well unless they incorporate
intelligent depth algorthms based on 3D facial features, unless of course
you desire a highly foreshortened and flattened 3D image (like that on a
coin but not nearly as nice). I don't think the software is written yet to
do what you want unless you want to spend a bunch of money to adapt existing
facial reconstruction software, and I'm way out of my league even mentioning
something like that! (I think that kind of software uses point clouds from
CAT scans or MRI)

    Jeffrey Everett

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      Dear Dan,

      For this kind of application you can use may be the software Artcam.
Artcam can make 180 Degree models maybe you can split your digititized photo
in 4 pieces and then after modeling you cam export them out as an .stl file
and join them in any other software.

      There are many other softwares like ArtCAM those can make models from
grayscale .bmp files.


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        From: Dan Sammons []
        Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2002 11:41 PM
        Subject: JPEG to 3D Solids

        Does anyone know of a process or software that would take a digital
image (photo) and somehow result in a 3D solids / model? The application is
based around a request to take a digital picture of a human head and create
a 3d model.

        Thanks for your help.

        Dan Sammons

        Design Prototyping Technologies, Inc.

        6713 Collamer Road

        East Syracuse, New York 13057

        315-434-1869 voice


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