RE: JPEG to 3D Solids

From: Ken Leung (
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 00:09:35 EEST

Auto quoting RP software are really expensive now. I tried to acquire one for
my site and they said it is around 20K per year. and of course any updates or
program changes are extra. and i hate the way they suck our money like 3D
systems, buying their products, it means we have to use their support. if you
like to make changes to the system, you need to pay. I am looking into writing
my own Java code to read an STL files. afterward, i can make it public and
everyone can customize it to their own need, why pay thousands when the Java
community is so supportive to new ideas?

> Dear cheapsla, after looking at your website I was wondering why is it
> so
> impersonal? There is no contact name other then Sales Person, no
> phone
> number, no address, can I come down and look at your facility?
> On a side note, does anyone out there know how much the auto-quoting
> RP
> software costs?

Ken Leung
President, Veltec,
Bringing Designs to Life

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