Re: JPEG to 3D Solids

Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 03:52:01 EEST

A couple of possibilities for making 3D heads from a front and side view
image are FaceGen and BioVirtual.
The makers of FaceGen offer a service bureau where the price per each 3D
model is $95 each for the first five heads and a reduced unit price beyond
five models. The models which they make are in OBJ format which you can
convert to STL, but you will need some type of STL fix program to make a good
STL file.

The basic 3DMeNow program from BioVirtual is designed for making talking 3D
heads. The number of facets is small (1000) and there is no convenient way
to get an STL file unless you are willing to spend $3000 (plus incremental
use fees) for the Pro version. The market that BioVirtual is aiming at with
their Pro model is for game developers, where they can collect a license fee
proportional to the number of heads used in video games.

ULEAD has a product called Face Factory which is not worth bothering with.

Hope this helps.

Al Hastbacka

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