RE: 3D Systems is on sale . . .

From: Ken Leung (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 00:23:33 EEST

SLA machines in movies and music video, it will be fun to see people dancing
around those sexy machine from 3D systems :)

I don't see Sony uses RP parts for the enterainment industry. Whatever props
they can't make in real life, they use computer graphics to compensate. Maybe
they are sick of 3DS services, they are fixing their own machines.

Quoting Kirk Brown <>:

> I think initially what we will see from Sony's purchase of 3DS is going
> to
> be more SLA machines seen in movies and music videos, there's no way
> they
> will start producing laptop SLA machines, there would't be a high
> enough
> margin.
> Kb

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