Re: stl to iges

Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 15:46:04 EEST

Brian - I have used Solid View software (with the IGES module) to convert STL
files to IGES, successfully, although there are some concerns. There was
actually quite the dialogue back in May 2001(check the archives) that got
into all of the gritty details & got me fired from a line I had that wouldn't
believe it was possible!

What it comes down to are 2 basic problems: (1) If there are any errors in
the STL file (unshared edges, multiple shells etc.) those problems will be
mirrored in the IGS file (2) Since you're starting from a triangulated file,
the resultant IGS you create will end up being quite larger than an IGS from
native CAD data. It has worked for me though.

Roy Sheppard, Jr.

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