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Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 04:25:30 EEST

Hi Vern,

Sure, I can lend a hand with that. Sorry to be so late with it, but I only check the RP-ML list every few days.

We have had SL 7560 for several months now, and I must say that we are pleased with what it offers. We have a number of customers who request ONLY the 7560 for their projects. Here is a summary of what we consider to be its unique characteristics:

- It is opaque white (the vat looks like 2% milk!) which makes it quite unique and un-SL-like!
- It is similar in stiffness and appearance to an ABS part.
- It is NOT similar in strength and elongation to ABS, unfortunately. Yes, it is still an SL resin so no, it is not as durable as an injection molded part. Vantico's published numbers for it seem about right (no, I have not checked them.) I tell my customers that this is a pretty durable resin, but not the most durable on the market. They seem to agree after they have gotten their parts.
- The parts finish up very nicely! Our finishers actually enjoy wet-sanding the stuff. It is like working with bondo body filler.
- It does have significant shrinkage to it, so you have to choose your build styles carefully. We have gotten them to where we can build very accurate parts.
- We have two Vipers at Fineline, and we run high-res most of the time. This stuff makes incredibly impressive high-res parts.
- We have also made parts that were much larger than the vat that required bonding. We have had very good success bonding SL 7560 with both Vantico and Aptec products and a UV wand.
- I don't think it works with Quickcast, but a quick check with Vantico would confirm or deny that.
- Oh, and the good folks at Vantico are a pleasure to work with. We have had good fortune in all of our business relationships so far, but Vantico has been particularly open and supportive.

I hope this helps. With all the recent developments in resin it's hard to choose only a couple or even a few. That said, I think we are sticking with SL 7560 for a while.

Best Regards to everyone in RP-land,

Rob Connelly
FineLine Prototyping, Inc.
6300 Limousine DR
Suite 130
Raleigh, NC 27613
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  Any one care to share there experiences with Vantico 7560 SL material.
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